Sunday, September 27, 2009


So, 40 Days for Life has officially commenced, but nothing to fear! Last Saturday, we outnumbered those right-wing, anti-choice bigots 10-1! We chanted, shouted, sang, danced, and escorted women successfully into Dr. Emily's. The monks couldn't take the heat, and the nuns (and this is the first time we've seen nuns out here) chickened out, so they all went home after about an hour or so. Heh!

For everyone who came out to support Dr. Emily's Clinic, a big thank you :) If you haven't come yet, or couldn't make it last week, please come next week! Rumor has it that the anti-choicers are strategically concentrating their forces for October 3rd, which is next Saturday. Last year, the entire block was literally covered with them, so we'll need to really mobilize.

We still have a long struggle ahead to ensure full reproductive rights for ALL women, so spread the word about next Saturday!!

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